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Human race is a joke

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Sure not every human is a vile piece of shit but to be honest, the vast majority of people I have met or seen in my live (in whatever way) were absolutely the opposite of any positive human trait you could come up with.
Isn’t it interesting to see how people can be so so happy and peace loving but:

  • still start random wars *US*
  • still kill each other for not believing the same thing *religious*
  • still torture another human being *sadism*
  • still treat their children and families badly *domestic violence and abuse*
  • still torture animals
  • still waste nature
  • still destroy other people’s property
  • still blackmail
  • still abuse and rape and hurt and and and and…

In what way exactly is the human race, at this point in time, any better than back in the “dark ages”?
We have more and better technology but we still are power hungry and cruel.
We are doing the same type of things.
Everything is about power and no one ever just sits back and stops taking themselves so serious.

How about not starting random wars?
How about living and letting live?
How about letting people think and believe whatever the fuck they please?
How about sucking it up from time to time, just so everybody can stay sane?
How about just leaving all that power and money in a vault and be a person for a change?

I am not even excluding myself from this whole thing. I am an arse, I swear.


Well this was just a short rant, because I needed to vent.
Don’t take it personal, whoever is reading this. Recently I started a new job and I am now working in content administration for a big website. So I see way too much of the vile shit that people do. I might have a bit of a one-sided opinion right there. It is hard to stay focused and positive right now. I’m not complaining, just explaining why I rant like this.


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